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Here is what the preceeding item should have done instead. Here is a list of projects, their project home sites, and direct links to code (or to downloadables, where code is not available):

CRLFCRLF [code] Brokerage for Deep and Distributed e-Learning Resources Discovery (D+)
CRLFCRLF[site] [code] Integrating Simple Sequencing (ISIS)
CRLFCRLF[site] [code] Middleware for Distributed Cognition (MDC) (previously (?) JAFER)
CRLFCRLF[site] [code] Portal Services Embedder (PSE) (Site reporting a 404)
CRLFCRLF[site] [code] Service based LEarning Design (SLED)
CRLFCRLF[site] [code] Enterprise Web Services with Timetable Extentions for Microsoft.Net (SWEET)
CRLFCRLF[site] [code] Web Services for Reflective Learning (WS4RL)

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