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What gave me the most pleasure about this item was sending it to the Online News mailing list, where members have been vigorously defending their policy of more restrictive access to newspaper websites (by the way, for those of you who went to the Globe and Mail site and found it easily accessible, note that the Globe policy of registration triggers only when you've visited the site several times. See here). As TechLearn news reports, "Residents of Falmouth, Maine can use a new web site - - to advertise things they want to dispose of and help raise money for the schools as well. Working on the honor system, users who post ads agree to donate anything from 1% to 100% of the sale to the Falmouth Education Foundation." Now it's not clear to me that schools should be in the classified advertising business (and the glaring grammatical error in the site subtitle doesn't reassure me). But it's illustrative of how mobile markets have become in the internet age.

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