Cyberwar and Cyberterror — New and Unwelcome Companions in Publishing and Culture

Kent Anderson, Dec 28, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I don't think conclusion of this article, that "online publishing is not simpler, cheaper, or easier than printing ever was," follows from what we were presented. You can avoid email filters by using RSS, and you can avoid e-commerce issues by publishing openly. But the discussion of the new security environment is intelligent and well-reasoned. And it reflects the change in tenor of the online attacks as they professionalize and become weapons in espionage and diplomacy. Our own organization was targeted last year and I can speak (albeit only indirectly) about the cost and impact of that. It really doesn't help that governments are now on the side of the hackers, instead of unequivocally opposing them. But as Kent Anderson says, "if the government won’t attack the hackers, the companies will.

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