Jeff Young on Pop-Up Learning: The Future of MOOCs and Online Education

Jeffrey R. Young, Tim Stahmer, Apr 07, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

You'd think Harvard's Berkman Center could spring for text transcripts of audio material, but I guess noty. Anyhow, the Chronicl;e's Jeffrey R. Young "takes a closer look at who is taking MOOCs and why, and examines how free courses fit into broader Internet trends." So what's the take? "After months of hype and hope about MOOCs, or Massive Open Online Courses, one thing is clear: they aren’t very good at teaching those most in need of education. Instead, they’re serving the education 'haves': About 80 percent of people taking MOOCs already have a college degree." Of course, this was the observation - and argument - about the internet in general in the 1990s.

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