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I have always felt myself to have a loose if grudging affiliation with postmodernism, at least, with respect to scepticism regarding things like the unification of truth and the march of progress (I'm also sceptical of logico-constructivist foundationalism, but I digress). But now there's a set of new schools of post-post-modernism calling for my affiliation - automodernism, complexism, hypermodernism, to name a few - and if I cared more I could probably refine my alignment more precisely. But I wonder whether this is true: "once one uses technology as the primum mobile of consciousness and global epistemological constructs, it’s easy to see how a next logical step would be a preferential shift to technocratic social organization, from individual communication to bodies politic." I would have thought the shift would be in the oppoisite direction. See also: Baudrillard's Proxy.

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