MOOCs, Robots, and the Secret of Life

Kevin Carey, Jun 07, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Good article documenting some experiences with MOOCs and making observations about their role generally. Kevin Carey (with whom I normally disagree) spends some serious time examining MIT 7.00x, an introductory biology course taught throuigh edX, and is favorably impressed. "How good can a free online course be? The answer, based on my 7.00x experience, is very good -- better, in fact, that almost anyone wants to admit." And this fact allows him to walk through some of the traditional objections to MOOCs. "How much of the vast expanse of what currently comprises higher education can be taught using a technological foundation, at a higher level of quality than what students currently experience, for less money. Not all of it, certainly. But a lot more than people realize or want to admit."

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