The Super Book of Web Tools for Educators

Richard Byrne, Free Technology for Teachers, Dec 14, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Richard Byrne has compiled a book of tools for educators. The 83-page PDF, freely available online (but awkward to download (Yudu never did fully load), and oddly licensed (see the last page)), is composed of descriptions of tools for educators, with suggestions on how to use them. It's a good initiative (maybe I should do something like this). Here's a quick overview of what's inside and who wrote what:
Introduction: pages 2-3 George Couros
An Administrator's View: pages 4-7 Patrick Larkin
Elementary School: pages 8-25 Kelly Tenkely
Middle School: pages 26-35 Adam Bellow
High School: pages 36-42 Richard Byrne
ESL/ELL: pages 43-46 Larry Ferlazzo
Teaching Online: pages 47-50 Cory Plough
Connect Via Skype: pages 51-61 Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano
Elementary School Blogging: pages 62-65 Lee Kolbert
Alternative Ed Tech: pages 66-68 Beth Still
Social Media for Educators: pages 69-71 Steven Anderson
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