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So in the course of one of our debates a few months ago I remarked to David Wiley that he didn't simply disagree with me, he didn't simply misunderstand what I was saying, but it was actually perceptual, that he didn't see what I was seeing. And I suggested, not expecting for a moment that anything would come of it, that we should spend an entire day discussing these issues and trsnacribing the conversation as a book. To my surprise, he agreed, and suggested meeting in Vancouver at the OpenEd conference. Well, I wasn't planning to be in Vancouver (I was planning to be on vacation in the forests of New Brunswick) but given this remarkable opportunity I changed my plans and will be in the forests next week, as I am in Vancouver this week and will be meeting with Wiley tomorrow for the entire day.

As well, it turns out, other people are interested in our conversation, enough so that a former courtroom at the Vancouver Art Gallery has been booked and a sign-up sheet created. Here's the link with the schedule and plan (all times Pacific Time). I can't imagine people will want to sit through this all day. But I will be there and David will be there. And there are plans to stream the conversation (audio? video? I don't know) online. I will post updates on my Twitter account (reload this page to stay up to date, or follow Downes on Twitter).

OK, some more OpenEd links. As mentioned, here's the page for the OpenEd twitter feed. Note that I plan to monitor this feed during the discussion tomorrow. Here are the Flickr photos from the conference. Tony Hirst has created a screencast showing how to aggregate the Twitter feeds. Lisa Harris has set up a NetVibes page aggregating a bunch of conference items. Christina Geith has started an OER Timeline. There's also an OnCore Blueprint preconbference, also on the 11th.

No guarantee of a newsletter tomorrow, but I will make an audio recording of the entire day and will posted it as soon as I can, and as I said, will announce any info ation I get about streaming on my Downes Twitter account.

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