From the Capital to the Classroom: State and Federal Efforts to Implement the No Child Left Behind Act

Various authors, Center on Education Policy, Jan 06, 2003
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Educators in the United States will find this assessment of the "No Child Left Behind Act" interesting in its own right - it states that while the states are generally supportive of the objectives of the act, they may balk if the provisions are enforced too rigidly and if financial support is not there. But this a draft version, so I don't really want to quote it a lot (note to authors: if your report isn't ready for widespread distribution, don't post it on the open web. Sheesh). As interesting as the content of the report is the web page design. I like the nifty page numbers in the left hand column and the format of the pages is very attractive. But there are frustrations. For example, I sat and waited for page 2 to load for a while before realizing that it was left blank. And the page numbers on the left do not match the page numbers in the table of contents (which are, in turn, not hyperlinked). Still, this is a nifty way to present a book, and so much nicer than the PDF format they could have used. Many of their documents are released this way, including last November's Preserving Principles Of Public Education In An Online World, the item mentioned in today's Distance-Educator.Com that initially attracted me to the site. This is also a good report, asserting that while virtual learning is useful and valuable, there are some key questions that should be asked. These are listed on page 2 (index page 8).
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