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Let me tell you a story. A long time ago a friend and I tried to start a business (I've done everything, don't you know). It was called 'Active Janitorial Contracting' and it was a failure. We got a few jobs, but never the big contract that would have let us hire people and expand. Eventually, we just let it go. Because the dream, you know, isn't the business. It's what the business lets you do. What was I going to contribute to the world through the field of janitorial contracting? I don't know - but it probably would have been pretty good, and I probably would have found my passion, one way or another. So - I'm sympathetic with Christine Martell, but note, you've only given up on a business, not something important, like your soul. The seven dumb things will live on, catching people, like me, like you - but so long as we have our art, we have everything.

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