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I agree with Dave Warlick on this one. "These were... the kids who do what they're told and who have learned, from many years in the classroom, to tell us what they think we want to hear." This is typical of the "student input" that characterizes so many processes and serves to illicitly legitimize things with a false sort of 'student sanction'. Because, as Warlick notes, "They reinforced those teachers who believe that we are doing just fine with our kids, doing things the same way we've always done them." When 'student input' is sought, the students polled should not just be the 'A' kids. The dropouts and failures should be consulted as well. After all, that's what I was when I was in high school. If they had invited me to their education conferences - especially in Grade 12, when I was boycotting English tests - I would have had a few things to say, some of which might even have been relevant.

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