Zoho Notebooks Goes Public - Imagine the Educational Potential

Jeff VanDrimmelen, EDUCAUSE Connect, May 23, 2007
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I spent some time playing with Zoho Notebook this afternoon. In theory, this is an outstanding piece of software, doing many of the things I would expect a PLE to do, and more (I really like the shared creation tools). It would be great for creating unworkshop legacy pages, for example. I was unable to record video on either a Mac or a Windows machine - it asks for permission to access the camera but never seems to find it. Same for record - this appears to be an issue with flixn.com, which powers that part of Zoho. Still, once these Day One bugs are ironed out (Zoho officially launched yesterday) the possibilities for use in schools is almost endless. Follow the link to view a video describing Zoho.
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