Blackboard's Social Bookmarking Service

Scott Leslie, edtechpost, Jan 16, 2007
Commentary by Stephen Downes

"I am sure they will get demonized for this." So opines Scott Leslie as part of his reaction to Blackboard's new Blackboard-only social networking service. Me, I think that if the only people in your circle of friends are Blackboard users, you need to get out more. As Leslie points out, the companies aren't alone in the blame for this sort of thing. "But the customers (that's you, right) have got to demand this, not expect vendors whose whole business model is 'lock in' to simply just provide it." Quite right. And as he says, "for some reason I still can't get a simple OpenID plugin for Wordpress." 2007 is shaping up to be, I think, a pushme-pullyou between open distributed systems and the silos that dominate the corporate and commercial approach to the online world. See also Mark Oehlert, who cites Khoi Vinh: "This fretting about the overhead of social networks seems especially important if, as some suggest, the path to success for these networks will be exclusivity." Yeah. Pushme-Pullyou.
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