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Photo from Alberta Report
A photographer from the Report Newsmagazine was on hand on Wednesday July 5, 2000 to take a team photograph for an article about us which appeared in the July 24 issue. The cast of characters (from left to right): Seated: QBERT, DOOGIE, H HOG, GARYD, LABATT. Standing: GRUMPY, LMF, KIZZ, W (holding our summer mascot LITTLE QBERT), SILVEX, SETI, PETE, CHICO, HILO, TAYLOR.

Mission to a Million
Here is a team photograph we sent to NTN Canada upon the completion of the 2000 Mission to a Million tournament. The photograph was taken several weeks after we received the shirts because we wanted the Inglewood Pub logo on the front of each shirt. The cast of characters (from left to right): Seated: LABATT, QBERT (holding our summer mascot LITTLE QBERT), CHICO, SETI. Standing: TAFF, LMF, DOOGIE, CYRENE, SILVEX, WASTED, KIZZ, H HOG, GRUMPY, WYVERN, PETE, GARYD, TAYLOR, JUST M, W, HILO.

I am an avid player of NTN Trivia, an interactive trivia game played in bars and pubs across North America.

My introduction to NTN came in the late 1980s when a sports bar in West Edmonton Mall offered the game. Then as now my favourite game was called Countdown, a half-hour session consisting of fifteen general questions.

In Brandon, Andrea and I would play NTN in a 'Sports bar' called Huggies, or as it has been known more recently, Thunderbird Bowl (because it is attached to a bowling alley). I play as LABATT and Andrea plays as TAYLOR.

On moving to Edmonton, we joined a team called The Collective, based at the Inglewood Pub, where we played a minor role in the team's recent Canadian Showdown Championship.

With Andrea and I, the Inglewood Collective was a dominant force in 2000 and 2001. We won the Canadian Championship a second time in 2000, as well as a "Mission to a Million" multi-game series, the North American Passport (a geography game) championship, and then, finally, took the North American Championship in Showdown in 2001.

Here's the full list:

1999 - NTN Showdown Canadian Champions ($10,000 prize won by QBERT)
1999 - NTN Showdown 2nd overall ranking (second to W. Covina)
2000 - Mission to a Million Champions (Canada) ($1,000 party and six stereo systems)
2000 - Ultimate Trivia Showdown Champions
2000 - Passport Champions (I forget what it was but we have a plaque)
2000 - Final Answer Champions (Canada) ($11,000 in prizes)
2000 - NTN Showdown 2nd overall ranking (second to W. Covina)
2001 - Summer Showdown League 2nd Place (to W. Covina) - Individuals: LABATT 1st, TAYLOR 2nd
2001 - Fall Showdown League 1st Place - Individuals: H HOG 1st, PHENIX
2001 - NTN Showdown 2nd overall ranking (second to W. Covina)
2001 - (Unofficial) NTN Showdown Canadian Champions

Now we are in Moncton and there is no NTN Trivia in New Brunswick. *grumble*

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