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Schools Become High Tech - ANN PLESHETTE MURPHY and LAURA LACY, ABC Lugging around bulky textbooks, wiping chalkboard residue off your hands, lining up for boring P.E. drills — all these ubiquitous schoolhouse images have become things of the past as cutting-edge technology transforms everything from the classroom to the cafeteria to the gymnasium. Take Ardsley Middle School in Ardsley, N.Y. The school has computer-driven SMART Boards in several of its [From: Educational Technology, September 22, 2007] 285919

Can Lenovo Re-ignite The Desktop With A New Form Factor? - Edward F. Moltzen, CMP Channel Aiming to re-invigorate its desktop lineup, Lenovo is releasing a new model of ThinkCentre desktop -- running AMD processors -- that is slimmer and quieter than its PCs in the past.... The company said the ThinkCentre A61e ultra small form factor desktop, with an AMD Athlon 62 X2 dual core or AMD Sempron single core processor, will start with a $399 price point. Lenovo says it is also built more [From: Educational Technology, September 22, 2007] 285918

Big grant to improve classroom tech - MELODY ASPER, Hanover/Gettysburg Evening Sun Bermudian Springs is one of three Adams County school districts to receive sizeable state grants for the "Classrooms for the Future" program. At a recent district meeting, Assistant Superintendent Paul Healey announced that Bermudian has been awarded a $276,081 grant to offer expanded computer, Internet, and technology programs. "We are constantly seeking ways to prepare our students to be [From: Educational Technology, September 22, 2007] 285917

College students increasingly use online study aids, survey says - Johnny Jackson, Henry Herald Internet tools are increasingly the study tools of choice for college students, according to a survey done by the Houghton Mifflin Company.... “Online study tools are a new resource that today’s wired students can take advantage of that past generations didn’t have access to,” said Katie Rose, head of research and marketing for Houghton Mifflin College Division. “We’re finding that students are [From: Online Learning Update, September 22, 2007] 285915

Online-learning patent dispute heats up - Robert L. Jacobson, eSchool News The patent dispute heats up between enterprise software makers Blackboard Inc. and Desire2Learn Inc. over patent rights that Blackboard was granted in January 2006 for its course-management software and other eLearning products. [From: Online Learning Update, September 22, 2007] 285916

Educators unveil statewide online high school - GRETYL MACALASTER, Democrat The state's first online charter high school was unveiled at the Tuck Learning Center Monday, making it the first of its kind in New Hampshire and possibly New England. The Virtual Learning Academy Charter School will offer New Hampshire students college-preparatory classes, advanced placement courses and special interest courses such as biology, computer science, calculus, economics or English [From: Online Learning Update, September 22, 2007] 285914

The SANS 2007 Log Management Market Report This paper analyzes survey data from 500 IT professionals who were asked about log management, its value, challenges & impact to security & compliance issues. Find what these respondents perceived as beneficial uses of log data & how it's used Published by: LogLogic, Inc. [From: Bitpipe: Research, September 22, 2007] 285891

The Efficient Data Center In this videocast, Burton analysts Drue Reeves and Andrew Kutz will explore how hardware, software, and infrastructure improvements are converging to shape next-generation data center infrastructure and next-generation x86 servers. Published by: EMC Corporation [From: Bitpipe: Research, September 22, 2007] 285890

Anatomy of a file-archiving system In this 15-minute videocast, archiving expert Greg Forest explains five fundamental management components that are vital to the successful implementation of a file-archiving system. Published by: Agilysys [From: Bitpipe: Research, September 22, 2007] 285889

The Next Evolution in Storage Design: Intelligent iSCSI Solutions Today, IT professionals face two pressure-packed data storage challenges: managing the prolific growth of data and meeting escalating service expectations. This paper focuses on intelligent iSCSI solutions to meet both business and technology o... Published by: EqualLogic, Inc. [From: Bitpipe: Research, September 22, 2007] 285887

Four Steps to Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Using iSCSI You may not realize that using iSCSI SANs for disaster recovery can be a practical choice. However, this white paper outlines four steps to developing solid business continuity plans and ensuring disaster recovery with iSCSI SANs. Published by: EqualLogic, Inc. [From: Bitpipe: Research, September 22, 2007] 285888

New eGuide: The Fundamentals of Data Deduplication Data deduplication is a fairly new technology that has emerged to combat the problem of repetitious data. Download this eGuide, featuring articles from Storage magazine to learn how data deduplication works and how its products differ. Published by: Network Appliance, Inc. [From: Bitpipe: Research, September 22, 2007] 285886

Google Presentations Folded neatly into Google Docs, Google is at long last fielding its very own web-based presentation application, the other major contenders I am aware of being Zoho and ThinkFree. (I omit SlideShare because it does not provide editing functions.) The PowerPoint .ppt file I imported to Google looked very nice--allowing for the customary [From: Academic Commons -, September 22, 2007] 285785

The Cult of the Amateur Keen, Andrew. The Cult of the Amateur: How Today's Internet is Killing Our Culture. New York: Doubleday/Currency, 2007. 228 pp. Hardcover $22.95. ISBN 978-0-385-52080-5Andrew Keen insists he is neither anti-technology nor anti-progress. Yet this veteran of the dot com era begins his recent book, The Cult of the Amateur (Doubleday/Currency, 2007), sounding much like a high-culture snob pooh-poohing the vulgar masses for having appropriated the Web as their own and, in the process, wreaking potential destruction on our economy, culture and values. Keen's polemic hints less at neo-Luddite dissent than at an underlying bitterness and resentment--at his own gullibility at having been so easily sucked into the Internet dream, and also at those who have taken the technology out of the hands of professionals like himself ("I almost became rich" [p. 11], he confesses in the beginning of the first chapter). Drawing on 19th-century evolutionary biologist T. H. Huxley's "infinite mo [From: Academic Commons -, September 22, 2007] 285784

SQL Server Advanced Protection and Fast Recovery It is critical that SQL Server environments are well protected and maintain integrity. This white paper highlights how iSCSI SAN solutions can simplify management and protect this data, while retaining flexibility in SQL Server environments. Published by: EqualLogic, Inc. [From: Bitpipe: Research, September 22, 2007] 285765

Best Practices in Lifecycle Management: Comparing KACE, Altiris, LANDesk, and Microsoft SMS This white paper compares the KBOX appliances with leading competitors Altiris, LANDesk, and Microsoft. It discusses best practices in lifecycle management and uses these as a framework for functional comparison. Published by: KACE [From: Bitpipe: Research, September 22, 2007] 285760

The Essential Guide to Disaster Recovery: How to Ensure IT and Business Continuity This podcast provides an understanding of IT and business continuity as well as strategies for mitigating downtime and potential damage in a System i environment. Published by: Vision Solutions [From: Bitpipe: Research, September 22, 2007] 285761

Backup, Recovery and Archiving - Key Questions for Midsize Enterprises This white paper provides important questions to ask when putting together your backup, recovery and archiving strategy. Download this white paper to find out how to protect your data and to ensure the availability of your business-critical inf... Published by: Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions and EMC Corporation [From: Bitpipe: Research, September 22, 2007] 285762

Virtualized iSCSI SANs: Flexible, Scalable Enterprise Storage for Virtual Infrastructures Enterprises of all sizes are building flexible storage infrastructures using iSCSI and advanced virtualization technologies to achieve a flexible and dynamic IT infrastructure that is simple to manage and scale. Read this white paper to learn more. Published by: EqualLogic, Inc. [From: Bitpipe: Research, September 22, 2007] 285763

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Deployments and Tests in an iSCSI SAN iSCSI SANs offer an alternative for building storage area networks. This paper focuses on the storage management and scaling benefits for data centers and illustrates best practices and the benefits of using an iSCSI SAN with SQL Server 2005. Published by: EqualLogic, Inc. [From: Bitpipe: Research, September 22, 2007] 285764