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Entrepreneurial Journalism Supported at CUNY Jeff Jarvis, who runs the new media program at City University of New York, reports the great news of new support for journalistic entrepreneurialism & innovation: a $100,000, two-year grant from the McCormick Tribune Foundation to provide seed funding to news start-ups developed by students in my course in entrepreneurial journalism at CUNY’s Graduate School of [...] [From: Center for Citizen Media: Blog, September 22, 2007] 285875

Speaking Tuesday at Arizona State University I’m giving a public talk on Tuesday at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. That’s in Tempe, just outside of Phoenix. Share This [From: Center for Citizen Media: Blog, September 22, 2007] 285874

Reinventing the Economics of News I read this article about the rise of free daily newspapers in the US and had a sudden realization about the perceived failure of news organizations to charge for news online. The New York Times has torn down the TimesSelect pay wall — does that mean that reading TimesSelect content online is now FREE? What I [...] [From: Publishing 2.0, September 21, 2007] 285467

Rather Unbound Will Redo the Killian Memos Story Dan Rather, the reporter who never gives up, lives again on the public stage. World may call it a lawsuit. In Rather's mind, he's got a crack team of reporters, they can get people to talk, and they're chasing the story that CBS in its cowardice dropped. [From: PressThink, September 21, 2007] 285466

Dan Rather: Still Not Getting It On Larry King’s program, Dan Rather insisted again that the 60 Minutes story about George W. Bush’s National Guard “service” — based in part on the documents that CBS failed to prove authentic - was fair and accurate. Of the panel CBS selected to investigate the debacle, he said: (A)mong the things they concluded after months [...] [From: Center for Citizen Media: Blog, September 21, 2007] 285410

Don't forget the value of hyperlinking By Robert Niles: Commentary: Better use of links could help readers keep track of crime and court stories. Here's how your newsroom can do it. [From: Online Journalism Review, September 21, 2007] 285194

Wired on open data There are some islands of innovation. Since 2002, the Journal of Negative Results in Biomedicine has offered a peer-reviewed home to results that go negative or against the grain. Earlier this year, the journal Nature started Nature Precedings, a Web-based... [From: Science Library Pad, September 21, 2007] 285193

D-Lib report on IATUL 2007 Global Access to Science- Scientific Publishing for the Future: A Report of IATUL 2007 Conference Held at KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, June 11 - 14, 2007 Maitrayee Ghosh, Indian Institute of Technology; and Manik Mandal, National Institute... [From: Science Library Pad, September 21, 2007] 284963

E-Science and libraries As I said over a year and a half agoA lot of science today is very computation and data intense. I think there is a big role for academic libraries as custodians of data and research output.Science Library Pad -... [From: Science Library Pad, September 21, 2007] 284962

Linux Action Show I mentioned earlier this week that my Fall project will be to install Linux on an old laptop using Ubuntu. This is another great LINUX resource: The Linux Action Show (podcast) [From: eContent, September 20, 2007] 284663

“Their” Homes? Come On In the coverage of the housing bubble deflation, journalists continue to use an expression that defies reality. From today’s Bloomberg story: As many as half of the 450,000 subprime borrowers whose mortgage payments increase in the next three months may lose their homes because they can’t sell, refinance or qualify for help from the U.S. government. No [...] [From: Center for Citizen Media: Blog, September 20, 2007] 284615

Bob Cauthorn returns with CityTools By Robert Niles: The former maverick unveils his start-up's social media framework for multilingual collaborative news and classified ad publishing. [From: Online Journalism Review, September 20, 2007] 284250

What I worked on this summer This summer I spent my time helping on a bunch of stuff, both standalone small stuff and stuff on top of existing stuff. If words like “stuff” pique your interest, here’s more of it: Launched the Denver Post’s article commenting and community site. It’s called Neighbors, and it holds a heckuva lot of stuff. I built [...] [From: Joe Think: Online news from the trenches, September 20, 2007] 284249

Claiming Prices as ‘Intellectual Property’ Harvard Crimson: Coop Discourages Notetaking in Bookstore: Coop President Jerry P. Murphy ’73 said that while there is no Coop policy against individual students copying down book information, “we discourage people who are taking down a lot of notes.” The apparent new policy could be a response to efforts by—an online database that allows [...] [From: Center for Citizen Media: Blog, September 20, 2007] 284203

Falling for the Big-Dollar Lawsuit Claim AP: Dan Rather files $70M suit against CBS. Dan Rather filed a $70 million lawsuit against CBS and his former bosses Wednesday, claiming they made him a “scapegoat” for a discredited story about President Bush’s military service during the Vietnam War. When, oh when, will journalists stop falling for the bogus PR stunts lawyers and their [...] [From: Center for Citizen Media: Blog, September 20, 2007] 284202

Who’s Afraid of Online Advertising? A new McKinsey & Co. report called “ How Companies Are Marketing Online” draws the astonishing conclusion that many advertisers are reluctant to shift dollars online — despite the massive shift of consumer attention online — because of the “absence of meaningful metrics and adequate capabilities.” McKinsey polled 410 marketing executives in five sectors, and [...] [From: Publishing 2.0, September 19, 2007] 284009

5th Science Centre World Congress - June 2008, Toronto The 5th Science Centre World Congress will be held at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, June 15-20, 2008.One of the things you will have seen on our website is that we are working for a Green Congress. This is... [From: Science Library Pad, September 19, 2007] 283831

Consent Decree with the Open Web Shuts Down Times Select "That's the decision in Web court the New York Times is accepting. Dismisses all courses of action against Google. Times agrees to drop Times Select, which was a barrier to Google--and the blogosphere--working the right way." [From: PressThink, September 19, 2007] 283653

Panasonic to Offer 32GB P2 Memory Cards Panasonic announced at NAB that it would soon offer 32GB P2 memory cards for it’s range of HD cameras. They are expected to ship this November for the price of $1800 USD. The new 32GB cards will be able to hold: 32 mins of DVCPRO HD 80 mins of DVCPRO HD 24p 64 mins of DVCPRO 50 128 mins of [...] [From: Splice, September 19, 2007] 283625

I don't understand Blogshares But this press release I ran across from June amused me anyway. Science Library Pad was the subject of much speculation when analysts at several firms were heard to be very positive about its recent performance. Its share price rose... [From: Science Library Pad, September 18, 2007] 283492