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Douglas Coupland: I Luv Helvetica Newly freed from behind The Times’s pay wall, author Douglas Coupland on Helvetica: In the world of type, Helvetica was the supposed endpoint of design. It was designed to be 100-percent emotionally neutral (yes, how Swiss, the same country that brought us sleeping pills — Helvetica is the Latin name for Switzerland), and when it was marketed in 1961, it caused a revolution, because everything the font touched it modernized. Helvetica essentially takes any word or phrase and pressure-washes it into sterility. I love it.  ★  [From: Daring Fireball, September 22, 2007] 285892

Hahlo 2.0 New version of Dean Robinson’s iPhone web app client for Twitter. Very nice.  ★  [From: Daring Fireball, September 22, 2007] 285778

Photos From iPhone Event in Berlin Great photos from Thorsten Wulff from the iPhone announcement in Berlin. There are a few more that aren’t in the photoset in his Flickr stream.  ★  [From: Daring Fireball, September 21, 2007] 285487

A Better Analogy The Macalope: A better analogy would be someone who claimed they had something you knew existed but just hadn’t seen before. Like maybe an Indian Head nickel. And when you asked to see it they said, oh, they’d love to show you but you wouldn’t understand it because you’re not a coin collector. And you were like huh? C’mon, stop being a jerk and show it to me. And they said they couldn’t because the U.S. Mint might sue them.  ★  [From: Daring Fireball, September 21, 2007] 285485

‘He Gets His Social Skills From His Father’ My wife with the funny on Twitter.  ★  [From: Daring Fireball, September 21, 2007] 285483

To be of use to others is the only true happiness. Although a 160 GB iPhone would also be nice. iPhone and iPod classic compared, by one who owns both. [From: Jeffrey Zeldman Presents The Daily Report, September 21, 2007] 285482

iLounge: Is Apple Going Rotten? iLounge on the rash of recent “Boy, that sucks” decisions from Apple. I think Apple is going to do the right thing with crummy iPod Touch displays, but the other three issues are spot-on: new iPods don’t work with existing video-out docks and cables, instead requiring expensive new cables from Apple; if you bought games for your video iPod last year, you have to re-purchase the same games to play them on the new Nanos; and the whole ringtones racket.  ★  [From: Daring Fireball, September 21, 2007] 285218

The End of Unlimited as a Modifiable Noun Glenn Fleishman on O2’s iPhone data plans: The data plans for EDGE and Wi-Fi are “unlimited” not unlimited. The footnote on O2’s information page says that unlimited “fair usage” is included. But that’s just garbage.  ★  [From: Daring Fireball, September 21, 2007] 285220

Bottled Drinks Izze Sparkling Clementine Juice FTW.  ★  [From: Daring Fireball, September 21, 2007] 285222

★ Actually, Not Much Better at All This Late Than Never Regarding this David Maynor thing. [From: Daring Fireball, September 21, 2007] 285224

Macs Really Do Run Windows Better Steven Frank: Ever since Boot Camp appeared on the scene, there have been several comments about Macs being better Windows machines than Windows machines. The weird thing is it’s actually true.  ★  [From: Daring Fireball, September 21, 2007] 285214

From Boys of Summer to Men of Steel A brief message from Paul Lukas on sports uniform design trends.  ★  [From: Daring Fireball, September 21, 2007] 285216

iPod Touch: State of the Jailbreak Hackers still haven’t figured out how to “jailbreak” the iPod Touch to access the underlying file system. Strikes me as a good bet that the next iPhone update will be locked similarly — so get your iPhone hacking ya-yas out now, or be prepared to stick to the soon-to-be-outdated 1.0.2 iPhone software.  ★  [From: Daring Fireball, September 21, 2007] 285212

Canadian Dollar Reaches Parity With Staggering U.S. Greenback The dollar also hit an all-time low against the Euro. Heck of a job, Bushie.  ★  [From: Daring Fireball, September 20, 2007] 284840

Playlist Reviews the iPod Touch Christopher Breen: “Among my list of concerns only one is a deal-killer—the quality of the video.”  ★  [From: Daring Fireball, September 20, 2007] 284832

Dr. Copperplate and Mr. Gothic Armin Vit on Copperplate Gothic.  ★  [From: Daring Fireball, September 20, 2007] 284834

Mint: Year Two in Review Shaun Inman: Two years ago this past Labor Day I launched Mint. No, not that “inspired” third-party finance aggregator the VCs are going gaga over. The original Mint, the only (to my knowledge) self-hosted, real-time, extensible web stats app. So what’s happened since the first yearly review (for posterity and those who are just now joining us)? I count Mint as one of my essential tools for running DF.  ★  [From: Daring Fireball, September 20, 2007] 284836

VoodooPad and Acorn Updates Gus Mueller: Both have bug fixes, and a couple of new features. Acorn’s update is mostly to fix a handful of crashers and a couple of new features that lots of people have been asking for. VoodooPad’s “wiki markup engine” (vroom vroom?) has had some minor tweaks so that it won’t wipe out custom links pasted from other apps, among other things.  ★  [From: Daring Fireball, September 20, 2007] 284827

MacJournals: On Ringtones and Copyrights MDJ’s scrupulously detailed look at the intersection of ringtones and copyright law. Part of the argument here is that making a ringtone necessitates making an additional copy of the song file, whether it’s truncated or not. That’s just a matter of implementation, though — Apple could easily allow the iPhone’s phone app to play the same song files in your regular music library. Also, this is interesting: You can peek behind the curtain just a little bit by looking at the FAQ page from TuneCore, a company that takes a flat fee for putting digital music to which you own the copyright onto online stores such as the iTunes Store, Napster, eMusic, Rhapsody, MusicNet, GroupieTunes, and others, both in the United States and internationally. TuneCore swears up, down, and sideways that it does not keep even the tiniest percentage of the royalties from any online store, instead taking a flat fee per year and per album to get your tunes listed. As part of this, [From: Daring Fireball, September 20, 2007] 284829

Walt Mossberg’s iPod Touch Review Complains about battery life — it’s not bad, but it wasn’t as good as what Apple claims — and gets confirmation from Apple that the display problems reported by many Touch owners are, in fact, a hardware problem affecting some units. (Mossberg reports that the displays on his two demo units both look great.)  ★  [From: Daring Fireball, September 20, 2007] 284825