Various authors, Brainbench, Aug 29, 2005
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I was reading through the Newsletter yesterday and followed this link on the information that "Brainbench has updated its certification exam to cover Perl 5.8." The link took me to this test, but more interestingly, to Brainbench in general. Now fair warning: to take most of the tests you have to pay a fee. But still, the model was worth a look. In addition to the test, you can access learning resources, online classes, and discussion groups. The tests themselves are online multiple choice tests and surprisingly tough. Though I managed to pass the two Perl beta tests (which would mean I'd be certified in Perl, woo hoo!) I failed the CSS2 test. And though the tests are online, it would be simple for a prospective employer to proctor a test.
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