Learning in an Online World

Ministerial Council on Education, Employment, Youth Affairs, Jul 22, 2005
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This report is unreadable online - a tiny type combined with double leading and two-column format in PDF makes it impossible. People purporting to tell us how to use ICT in learning and pedagogy should know better - unless theyt don't know better. Anyhow, after wrestling with it for an hour or so (instead of the ten minutes it should have taken) I found a document containing sweeping (and not always correct) generalizations and relatively few particulars. One wonders, for example, what information we gain from this: "Effective integration of ICT can transform pedagogies by empowering teachers to... make connections with learning goals and prior knowledge." (p.7) Huh? I don't want to use the 'fluff' word, but really: "Teachers discover a new potential for their work as they exploit the opportunities that using ICT in learning provides." (p.8)
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