Seven Principles of Social Networking

Dave Pollard, How to Save the World, Jul 15, 2005
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Dave Pollard outlines "a set of principles which might provide some clues on how to develop Social Networking Applications that really do work."
CRLF- "the existence of mutual trust, respect, context, and self-disclosure between the parties."
CRLF- conversational ice-breaking
CRLF- physical appearance as an icon of our identity
CRLF- a way to observe the other person's environment (I wonder whether a 'web space' would count here)
CRLF- doing something together, collaborating
CRLF- recognition that each of us is in a (separate) network
CRLFPollard follows his list with a series of challenges for social software. But we need to remember: it's not just a matter of replicating a personal network in a virtual space. The technology allows us to have a richer textured network of relationships.
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