EDUCAUSE Review 20-4

Various authors, EDUCAUSE Review, Ubiquity, Jul 14, 2005
Commentary by Stephen Downes

It's interesting to read the articles in the new EDUCAUSE Review, especially in light of Ubiquity's interview with Leonard Kleinrock, the father of packet-switching. Kleinrock: "I should be able to talk to the environment. It could respond with voice, or perhaps displays pop up or holograms. Maybe there's a keyboard around. Maybe there's some kind of other input device, or output device. But I want it to be there when I get there and not have to import all of the technologyCRLFwith me." Now read Long and Erhmann: "imagine being able to embed, in specific physical locations, situational instructions that would tell students' devices how they should be configured and behave while in that local environment." You see - we talk to the environment, and the environment talks back. We need, as Johnson and Lomas describe, to think of designing a space, and not just classrooms.
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