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When we look back, we will say that the turning point was Live 8. No, not for African development; there's much more to be done yet. No, it was the turning point for online video - the live AOL coverage was widely touted as vastly superior to MTV's lacklustre effort and the concerts continue to be available online for download (something that will only enhance DVD sales). Robin Good notes, "Call it Open Source Television, Internet of Video, Internet Television or any other name you like, the essence remains the same: a huge amount of openly accessible video content is already becoming available on the Internet." And more is on the way, with (for example) CBS announcing it will become a 24-hour broadband service. If you missed Live 8, at least take a few minutes to listen to Nelson Mandela - it would sure be nice if the turning point for online video was, after all, the turning point for Africa.


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