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A list of many papers, those presented at the International Conference on Multimedia, Information and Communications Technologies in Education held this month in Spain. So much goodness. Some of the best: Ambient Learning: a new paradigm for e-learning, by Iraklis Paraskakis cashes out the promise of what I have been calling ubiquitous learning. Dillon, Greene and Mansell's Assessing approaches to learning in independent learning environmentsCRLFin higher education finds little empirical support for learning styles, as described in the literature, and argues, "it is more important for a teacher to identify a student's future goals than their learning style." Vicki L. Cohen analyzes Electronic-Portfolios as Cognitive Tools in a Teacher Education, coming up with four features that make them a unique assessment tool: varied content, context sensitivity, self-selected content, and evolution over time. Taibi, Gentile and Seta outline A Semantic Search Engine for Learning Resources, describing something very much like Edu_RSS. Morel and Cernea talk about evaluating learning objects; so do Morgado, There's a hundred or so more to read.


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