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Think about the implications of this for just a moment. "The sourcecode for a ground-breaking project has just been released by the Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF). The software, currently under development and due to be released in June, will enable anyone to broadcast full-screen video to thousands or millions of people at virtually no cost." There has been a lot of buzz about this in the coding and file sharing community; it looks to me like the community has reached the point where, instead of fighting commercial content producers, it has decided to make the irrelevant. Impossible, you say? There is not much that is beyond the reach of amateurs these days, as this recently Slashdotted Star Wars movie, Revelations, shows. "Despite its humble origins, the production appears extraordinarily professional. The film is over 40 minutes long, complete with space battles and lightsaber fights -- need I say more?" How disruptive will this be?


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