Government Statement on Proposals for Copyright Reform

Various authors, Government of Canada, Mar 24, 2005
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Two Canadian departments, Industry Canada and Canadian Heritage, have issued an important joint statement on legislation to be proposed covering copyright and file sharing in Canada. The document addresses short term concerns (with longer term items being subject to a consultation process). The document represents an increase in rights for publishers, but is far from the land-grab seen in the United States or in an earlier Canadian Heritage document. ISPs would be freed from liability, only courts would be able to issue take-down orders, and several rights (especially in performing arts and photography) would be extended. There is quite a bit on the use of digital material for learning, including extensions of traditional privileges (such as the display of materials in a classroom) to the digital environment (provided that "reasonable safeguards to prevent misuse" are employed, a stipulation that is not defined). Via Michael Geist. Additionally, via Tod Maffin, links to the full text of 700 submissions made to the government on the issue (the posting of which online was I think a fabulous idea, one I'd like to see repeated for other consultations).
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