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Scott Wilson pushes the concept forward a notch, discussing the array of services that would be needed to support an online course - or as he has decided to call it, a "shared learning context". After listing the various elements - resources, forum, portfolio - he then matches the requirements against the e-learning framework. Existing specifications - RSS or Atom, FOAF, iCalendar - are sufficient to provide most functions. ELF, of course, interprets each of these in its own way. Where he runs aground is in assembling these services - "it would make quite a long list of little orange XML buttons!" Well yeah, but instead of IMS Enterprise services, or autodiscovery, why not use OPML, which is designed for exactly this task? See, the thing is, all this stuff being 'discovered' by ELF has already been encountered in the RSS and blog worlds - there's no need to reinvent the wheel here.

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