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Scott Wilson defends "a statement I once made that using a service-oriented approach to system design could lead to greater pedagogic diversity." The defense takes him straight down the path to RSS (which is what I would expect), and then looks at a wider range of similar technologies - iCalendar, for example, and IMS Enterprise, which extends the model using WSDL and SOAP (and here I begin to grumble a bit about the high overhead). From there, it is but a short jump to the E-Learning Framework (ELF), a network of services set up in much the same way. Enter, finally, pedagogy. When viewed from a services perspective, pedagogy becomes a series of choices, such as between interaction modes or connection modes. And this becomes a matter of resource (or service) selection. "An e-elearning system creates a model for the user where some things are easier to do than others - what I'm calling structural affordance." Too impatient to read all that? Zip to the bottom, at least, and clip and save his table distinguishing between the Old World and our Brave new World.

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