E-Learning and Sustainability

Graham Attwell, University of Bremen, Jan 07, 2005
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This paper "review(s) major trends in e-learning and attempt(s) to draw out their implications in terms of the sustainability of e-learning." The author "stresse(s) the interaction between the development and implementation of technology, the organization of education and educational institutions and the role of teachers and trainers." The whole sustainability angle doesn't do a lot for me (because this is usually a prelude to cutting support for something, or privatizing it), but as Scott Leslie points out, the paper "could well be considered a survey of most of the discussions I have seen unfolding both in ed tech blogs and other forums for the past 2 years." Certainly, the author goes beyond the traditional discussions of learning objects and online courses, exploring some of the new models and arguments found here and elsewhere. It's a long read, it could use an edit, but it's well worth the time. MS Word document.
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