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iUpload Personal Publisher

Dec 29, 2004

As the new year rolls in, some very powerful personal publishing tools are being unveiled, such as the iUpload Personal Publisher, described here by Robin Good. Here is my test blog, made in about 30 seconds (including spell check). The interface is very smooth and fast, and although there's only one template it would be a snap to switch. But you can only customize them a little, and I didn't see any way to create your own. iUpload is a hosted service, like Blogger or Flickr - it's about as easy to use as Blogger, has the photo upload (without all the annoying (and unstable) Flash used by Flickr). Exports RSS feeds of the blogs, the images and the events calendar. The login (to add new posts) is very hard to find. Though it is written in ASP, it's a lot better than MSN Spaces - though be warned, the domain name will probably disappear in a year. At which point your blog will cost you money.


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