Creative Commons Licensed Library Launches - Delivering Mobile Editions Of Books To Phones

Various authors, WINK, Dec 08, 2004
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This item showed up in the Creative Commons feed today and was worth a look. The reference is to a site called WINK, which (as the headline promised) is launching a Creative Commons library of books for mobile phones. Following the site to the home page, however, I found something even more interesting - a service that will convert your RSS feed to mobile phone content. Here it is, and after messing around with the somewhat obscure instructions, I managed to create a mobile version of OLDaily (if you allow popups, you will see an emulation if you follow this link in your browser; presumably, mobile phone users are shown OLDaily directly). More WINK sites. Of course, now I want to build one of these directly from my own site, so I don't have to use WINK - if anybody can point me to a 'how-to' page I'll pass it along in OLDaily.
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