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Top 100 Tools for Learning 2023

Sept 05, 2023

Jane Hart's 'Top 100 tools for learning' for 2023 has been published. As usual, we're only interested in the top 10. What's changed? As expected, Twitter has disappeared, dropping to 22nd place. Zoom also has retreated, sinking five sports to number 10. ChatGPT makes its debut at number 4 (which I predict will also be its peak, not because AI is a fad, but because something better will come along). YouTube, Google Search and Microsoft Teams make up the 1-2-3 positions respectively. No surprise there. The top 'educational' tool is Google Classroom, up 17 places to land at 15th. The biggest climber, up 67 places, is TikTok, which lands at 27th. Interestingly, I didn't submit my choices this year - I just didn't see the call (which, I guess, like the announcement, was on LinkedIn (where useful content goes to die)). Image: 1 page PDF.

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