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AI From an Open Perspective

Aug 21, 2023

Good long discussion of AI and open content, the most impirtant aspoect of which is the outline of the Responsible AI Licenses (RAIL) initiative. "The basic premise is that open is not synonymous with good," writes Paul Stacey. "Open may lower the barriers to harmful uses. In order to mitigate harm, including safety and security concerns, open licenses need to evolve from simply being 'open' to being 'open' and 'responsible'." See also The Growth Of Responsible AI Licensing. Stacey also writes that "the underlying data set is just one consideration... with the aim of getting a handle on what the layers of AI architecture are and which layers are, or could be, open. This generative AI tech stack diagram (illustrated) by a16z provides a good starting point." He follows up with a good discussion of openness and AI models. Stacey also covers such topics as open AI applications, application programming interfaces (API), learning and ethics.


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