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I like this. ""AI is forcing us to ask questions about the 'known-world' that we usually take as a starting point for education," says UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Education Stefania Giannini as excerpted here by Graham Attwell. Case in point: Attwell writes on Mastodon, "if you ask anything around AI and work the images are always of a man." Obviously undesirable, but of course this just reflects what the AI detects in real human conversation. We would prefer, though, that the AI be a bit more representative. But how? And who decides? Giannini again: "We can no longer just ask 'How do we prepare for an AI world?' We must go deeper: 'What should a world with AI look like? What roles should this powerful technology play? On whose terms? Who decides?' Education systems need to return agency to learners and remind young people that we remain at the helm of technology."

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