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The authors argue (15 page PDF) that "a set of open educational practices (OEP), inspired by both the Open Educational Resources (OER) movement and digital collaboration practices popularized in the pandemic, can help educators cope and perhaps thrive in an era of rapidly evolving AI." Diverse communities, sharing and openness, crowdsourcing, and cooperation - all these foster a robust and resilient response to the challenges posed by the new technologies, acting as a 'shock absorber', if you will. The bulk of the paper is composed of the three authors' responses to rapid change though the mechanisms of OEP, and while there's a satisfying "how I did it" aspect to these, the resulting discussion tends to the superficial rather than an developing an understanding of why OEP produce this result (a question examined in parts in today's newsletter as a whole), referencing only the PICRAT "technology integration model" and the idea of "entangled pedagogy". Image: New America.

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