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There are a few things happening in this story. One is the assertion that chatGPT must have been trained using newspaper content. "Jon Slade, chief commercial officer at the FT, said "there's very good evidence" that his paper's archive had been used to train large language models." I'd be interested to see that evidence; I'm quite sure it's not straightforward to train an AI on paywalled content. The second thing going on is that it's the End Of The World as we know it if major publishers aren't paid. "If somebody can type a question, or write stories, using our content or mixing it with some low-quality content, it's a risk for the political debate, political society." I can see higher education responding this way as well. I can see the argument; surely we want some measure of quality information informing our AIs. But at any price? And from a small privileged elite?

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