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Their numbers are far less than the populations of cities they visit, so the impacts of digital nomads on places like Medellin, Bangkok and Mexico City are far less than depicted in this article. Still, the availability of remote work and the possibility of seeing the world create a tantalizing combination, and I'm sure (all else being equal) that this is a phenomenon that will only grow in the future. I do understand the concerns about higher wages changing prices in (small sections of) those cities, but I have to say, on balance, it's better to have higher wage-earners in cities where wages are depressed. Because nobody wants wages to stay depressed, right? I also note that the existing crop of digital nomads is (according to the article) mostly white and western, but again, I don't see that persisting for long, as remote work creates opportunities for everybody, not just those who happen to be living in the right place.

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