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This is an intelligent and relevant response to the phenomenon of colonization by AI. Colonization, writes Abeba Birhane, "declares control of the social, economic, and political sphere by reordering and reinventing social order in a manner that benefits it." In particular, "Algorithmic colonialism, driven by profit maximization at any cost, assumes that human personality, behaviour, and action is raw material free for the taking." In response, "supporting African youth in the AI field means creating programs and databases that serve various local communities and not blindly importing Western AI systems founded upon individualistic and capitalist drives." This article is the first 13 pages of a 37 page PDF; it's an OUP preprint found by Google and I don't know how long it will be available, but here's copy from a few years ago. and here it is on the author's blog in 2019. Image: ETC group.

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