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EdTech Is Going Crazy For AI

Apr 24, 2023

Josh Bersin "spent a few days at the ASU/GSV conference and ran into 7,000 educators, entrepreneurs, and corporate training people who had gone CRAZY for AI... the frenzy is unprecedented: this is bigger than the excitement at the launch of the i-Phone." He writes, "AI and ChatGPT are about to revolutionize corporate learning. This $320 billion market is ready for change." For example, "What is going to happen to our jobs when these Generative AI tools start automatically building content, assessments, teaching guides, rubrics, videos, and simulations in seconds? The answer is pretty clear: you're going to get disrupted." Also: these are available on-demand, and the price drops to near zero.

Meanwhile, the major concern for educators seems to be plagiarism. Well, that and capitalism. To wit: Apostolos K. relates the story of a professor who said, "I shared with colleagues that All we have to do is ask 'Did you write this?' and then copy and paste the student work into the (chatGPT) prompt box." Imagine the professor's surprise. "While I was wrestling with the haste of my initial response, I received six frantic student emails, each professing their honesty, fear and dismay. Another student stopped by in tears." Meanwhile, we read in Campus Technology that "Open source learning management system Moodle has formed a partnership with AI content and plagiarism detector Copyleaks." Here's a sample report. Maybe that professor could use it.

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