Most Effective Pedagogic Technique Ever or 21st Century Cannon Fodder Processor?

Wilbert Kraan, CETIS, Jul 12, 2004
Commentary by Stephen Downes

A tongue-in-cheeck rendition of the debate surrounding e-Portfolios that makes some good point. The affirmative gets the debate rolling by citing studies showing e-Portfolios have pedagogical value. "PDP maybe pedagogically effective," counters the opposition (nowhere in this summary is the term 'PDP' defined; follow the link to the materials), "but where's the killer app? From the point of view of a student, what purpose do ePortfolios have other than providing a slightly long-winded way of building a CV for job interviews?" But the lack of software is not an issue: "ePortfolio development is not just some UK-only concern at some point in the future, it is an EU wide requirement as of December." Maybe so, but "we live in the real world and it is time for a reality check."
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