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Stimulated by this Tiktok video (which, on reflection, is a thinly disguised advertisement) to try c reating a learning resource in five minutes, I spent some time yesterday messing around with a workflow that would take me from a simple question to video lesson, all generated by AI. Using chatGPT and D-ID, this was the best I got in about an hour (I also spent time autogenerating slides to use with the animation and trying to find ways to put it all together). It's all certainly viable, the resulting video wasn't bad, and most of the 5-minute production time is spent waiting for the AI to generate the result. Anyhow, some people with more time than me have "announced the launch of its first AI-generated children's series 'Kidaverse Fast Facts,' utilizing OpenAI's ChatGPT, among other AI technologies." The link is to the press release (though you'll see it reprinted all over the trade press - content automation long precedes AI). Buzzfeed has already signed a deal with them. Sadly, I was unable to find the actual video anywhere online.

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