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ChatGPT and Grimm Realism

Feb 06, 2023

In all the fuss about chatGPT and other AI there has been a strong undercurrent of vbery negative reaction. But this reaction, to my mind, reals more about what's wrong with society than about what's wrong with AI. As Anne-Marie Scott writes, "That ChatGPT has been able to so easily replicate so many examples of common-place writing says something about how beige that work is. If ChatGPT can write a 'good' course syllabus it's not because it's smart, it's because it's been trained on a large corpus of pretty undifferentiated syllabi written by us." Or to take it further, while Dan McQuillan says it's time to resist chatGPT, the examples of police raids, racism and low-paid labour that he cites are not properties of AI but of society generally. AI reflects society. If we want better AI, we must build better society. Both links via Kate Bowles.

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