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This is an archived version of a Fortune article, the original of which is behind a paywall (adding confirmation to my theory that a primary intent of paywalls is to make sure critics don't read the content). "2023 will center on skills-based hiring rather than degree requirements—at least at successful companies, predicts research advisory and consulting firm Gartner in its list of top nine workplace predictions." No, it won't, and no, it doesn't. Once you get beyond the fast food sector, the vast majority of hiring will still require a traditional degree or diploma. And Gartner didn't say it wouldn't - it said "organizations will need to become more comfortable assessing candidates solely on their ability to perform in the role, rather than their credentials and prior experience." Which is true, but it doesn't mean they will. And even if they do adopt non-traditional hiring practices, says Gartner, they won't necessarily be focusing on skills. "They will deploy current employees to the highest priorities, which may necessitate reskilling and stretch assignments." The Gartner report isn't especially convincing, and the Fortune coverage is a joke. So just as well the content is behind a paywall. Via Apostolos.

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