UK Independent Private Schools

Various authors, Jul 07, 2004
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Sparticus links to this site with the following comment: "Recent research suggests that the average cost of a private education is £7,500 a year. This is three times what is spent on the child receiving a state education. If they gain power the Conservative Party have claimed that they will encourage parents to take £5,500 out of state coffers to pay for private education. The plan forbids its use on any school with fees higher than this. It is difficult to see how this will work. With private schools costing up to £9,000 a year and new ones needed capital to set up, few new schools would emerge to take up the offer." What I wonder is, with costs ranging at three times that of a public education, where do private schools get a reputation for efficiency? And if one wants to pay that much for a child's education, why not simply triple the per-student allocation to public schools? From where I sit, this looks to me like a plan to allocate a greater than normal amount of money to those few students whose parents can spend even more on top of that. This is not progress.
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