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This article has two major objectives. The first is to make the assertion in the title, that AI doesn't care. I presume this would apply as much to AI educators as it does to AI journalists. The second, interestingly, is to answer the question, "What would it take for you to orient your interactions to ensure that the people you engage with, report on, and report for get the signal that you and your newsroom really care?" And I'm sure we could come up with an analogous question for instructors and professors. And it's interesting, because the article essentially comes up with a recipe for caring (illustrated) and I'm moved to ask, why couldn't an AI do these things? I mean - my first reaction was that many of the journalists and professors I've worked with don't care, and that many of the things that constitute 'care' could be done by a machine. How far are we from the possibility that the machine 'cares' more than the human? Or - conversely - just what is it that's essential to care that could not be automated?

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