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Nobody is prepared for how AI will transform academia, writes Stephen Marche. I wouldn't exactly say nobody, as people have been writing about this for a long time. But the system as a whole has no idea what's coming. Conversely, he writes, the technologists creating the software have no understanding of society or academia, the environments they're reshaping. It's a bad mix. Still, he writes, "natural-language processing is going to force engineers and humanists together. They are going to need each other despite everything."

Geoff Cain also weighs in: "If a student is turning to places like Course Hero or bots for homework, it means that they feel like they do not have ownership of their own education." Also, this is a teriffic discussion about chatGPT, the AI that has been creating all the buzz this week. Following Maha Bali's lead, Alan Levine poses the AI this question: "Create a workshop for educators on how to promote academic integrity that discourages students from using AI for writing." Hilarity and much grist for discussion ensues. See also this article (AI-translated from Dutch) by Wilfred Rubens, and this collection of quotes on the topic (also auto-translated) at Surf.

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