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EdLeed - Volcanos

Nov 03, 2022

Just launched; I found it on ProductHunt. It's a service that allows you to search through a collection of free and non-free online learning resources. It's not quite working yet (the links don't actually take you to, say, the EdX site but simply circle back to EdLeed). The search produced eight results, the first three about volcanoes, the next about planetary geology, and four more on completely unrelated subjects. So there's still a long way to go. Why mention this thing here? Because eventually AI will do the searching and linking, so we'll get proper results. Then, later, AI will write the resource, so they can be produced on demand as you search for something. And these will be available integrated into whatever thing we're doing, whether it's writing a research report on volcanoes or looking for a picture of one.

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