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I have been enjoying the series of summaries of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) 2022 conference talks offered by Axel Bruns. This summary is from the last session and offers valuable insight in to how our understandings of words and concepts are shifted by political activism through "slow-paced and grinding politico-cultural work to establish their positions; and the exploitation of mediation opportunities in mainstream as well as social media." The evolution of the term 'woke' is a good example of this, as it has been allowed to evolve from a positive attribute of 'staying woke' in the in-group of anti-racists to "being used insidiously by the intolerant far right to accuse the tolerant mainstream of society of intolerance." It is incumbent on educators especially to be aware of how their students' perceptions of reality are being pushed back and forth and to help them find their ground amid such influences.

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