Welcome to TextChoice

Various authors, Thomson, Jun 22, 2004
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is pretty interesting. The announcement of this Thomson product, TextChoice2, carried in University Business, notes that it "features a digital database of content that teachers and professors can use to create customized materials." The interface is unfortunately quite slow and it's not really user-friendly, but if you dig a bit what you'll find is that they divided up their texts into 10 or 12 page chunks, which you can select and arrange into your own 'custom text'. In theory you can view the text before you add it, but I had no success despite a diligent attempt to register. The service is obviously directed toward teachers, and of course does not include any non-Thomson content (or content RSS feeds). It reminds me of what newspapers thought they could get away with as 'customization' in 1996. Still, it's a step forward - still waiting for the publishers to get a clue, though.
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