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"One might argue that it has become quite vogue to position yourself as anti-tech, tech sceptical or critical when it comes to digital technology in education," writes Neil Mosley. "It has become the veneer to have and the standpoint to personally signal if you want to align yourself and be publicly accepted into certain crowds and tribes." This does indeed describe some crowds and tribes (examples of which he cites in the article). But I think a fair-minded assessment of the field as a whole that does less cherry-picking and surveys a wider literature would find enough advocacy, punditry and sketchy research to satisfy all points of view. As even Mosley himself admits, "Whenever, I read corporate research I'm probably more highly attuned to the potential of bias... I expect more from academic research." Well, I expect more from corporate research; having a profit motive does not relieve anyone of the responsibility to seek the truth.

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