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Because our research group has spent the last 20 years working as a distributed group I've had a lot of experience with hybrid meetings. For the most part, I hate them. If you attend 'in person' the displays are typically too small to actually view remote participants (this is especially the case if the remote participants also attend 'in person' but in a different room in a different city). Remote participation, however structured, is limited, and a special effort needs to be made to ensure the host participants even recognize that they're in the meeting. This post covers auto-tracking cameras (we used those too, they help a bit) and the Neat Board "to slice the video feed from the high quality wide-angle lens and create individual participants in Zoom for every person in the room", which is an interesting option - but for the people in the room the remote participants still don't really exist, and that's the real challenge of hybrid meetings.

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